Circular and organic agriculture in the heart of Chianti Rufina

Here at Casa Bada we live in complete harmony with the surrounding nature benefiting from the natural advantages that biology offers us. It all starts with the family of donkeys. We collect and store their manure which we then feed into the worm farm. The worms transform the compost by adding active microorganisms, creating the famous humus, also known as the black gold. The humus is then used to fertilize our bioactive garden and the olive trees.


We have created our bio-active organic garden by using raised beds filled with compost and humus, both of which are produced on site. The different variety and association of crops enables the biodiversity to bloom and so to produce healthy and nutritious vegetables.


For more than 30 years our family has been producing extra virgin olive oil with the trees that our father, Salvatore, planted when he first bought the property. Every year it’s a great occasion to get together and pick the olives and produce our precious olive oil – liquid gold.


Gilda, Romeo, Nina and Olly, Casa Bada’s mascots. They help us keep the olive grove nice and clean and entertain our guests, fertilize the soil and generate manure so that we can produce humus. They are part of the family.


The bees at Casa Bada play a fundamental role towards the wellness of our vegetable garden and of our flowerbeds. A vital role for the ecosystem, we could not do without them.